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Training Exercise

Members of the Bonner County Marine Sheriff’s Office deploy the containment boom as a team from Olympus Technical Services, in the silver boat, observe the deployment. This class in Sandpoint, Idaho was a special exercise that included the deployment of BNSF’s water spill response equipment. This training exercise was part of a larger initiative involving BNSF and several north Idaho counties and cities


First Responder Training

A BNSF employee leads first responder training in Vancouver, Wash.


BNSF Employees Performing Track Work

BNSF employees perform track work along BNSF's network.


BNSF employees working on capital expansion project

BNSF employees work on double track capital expansion project in Vaughn, N.M


BNSF employees work on double track project

BNSF employees work on double track capital expansion project in Vaughn, N.M.


Abo Canyon, N.M.

A BNSF train moves at high speed near Abo Canyon in New Mexico. A major project finished in 2011 added a second track at Abo Canyon, removing the last section of single track on the Southern Transcon.

Credit BNSF Railway.


BNSF Logo on Locomotive

Closeup of BNSF logo on the side of a locomotive. Credit BNSF Railway


Grain Cars in Montana

A BNSF train hauls grain in Montana. BNSF hauls enough grain to supply 900 million people with a year's supply of bread, and enough fertilizer in one year to fertilize a field the size of Kansas. In 2014, BNSF hauled 974,535 carloads of agricultural commodities.

Credit BNSF Railway.


TOFC: Trailer on Flat Car

A crane loads a refrigerated truck trailer onto a flat car at a BNSF intermodal facility. TOFC is one type of intermodal transport and stands for Trailer on Flat Car. 


Welders at Work

Welders at work maintaining BNSF's 32,500-mile rail network. BNSF announced plans to invest $6 billion in capital projects to maintain and expand the capacity of its rail network in 2015.


Double-Stack Train in Washington State

BNSF No. 6674 leads a double-stacked intermodal container train through mountains in the Scenic Subdivision in Washington state. Each double-stack intermodal train can take 280 trucks off the highways, resulting in lower emissions and fuel consumption. A BNSF train can haul one ton of freight 500 miles on one gallon of diesel fuel.

Credit BNSF Railway


Grain train near Minot, N.D.

A BNSF grain train crosses the Gassman Coulee Trestle near Minot, N.D. Credit BNSF Railway.


Corporate Headquarters

BNSF Railway employs more than 46,000 people, operating a 32,500-mile rail network in 28 states and three Canadian provinces. BNSF's corporate headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Fact Sheet


Logistics Park Kansas City

BNSF's Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC) Intermodal Facility in Edgerton, Kan., opened in October 2013. LPKC is a more than 1,550-acre master-planned distribution and warehouse development anchored by BNSF's newest intermodal facility.


2017-11-16 09:30:00

BNSF Railway and Positive Train Control

Here's a look at BNSF's implementation of Positive Train Control (PTC) and how it works.


2017-06-15 16:44:00

Handling Boxcar Doors Safely

This video covers the safe operation of boxcar doors. The loading practices depicted in this animation are an artist’s conception and are not suitable for freight loading and should not be practiced.


2017-01-09 19:29:00

Clearing heavy snowfall

BNSF employees handle heavy snow along our network in the north.


2016-12-22 19:29:00

Sign now on display at Illinois Railroad Museum with BNSF help

Famous Santa Fe sign from Chicago skyline has a new home at museum


2016-11-04 19:30:00

BNSF partners with Keep Chicago Beautiful in historic Pilsen neighborhood

Partnership fosters repair of playgrounds and murals on viaducts.


2016-10-21 19:30:00

BNSF, CSX join forces to ship relief supplies to Haiti hurricane survivors

Prioritized shipment moves 1,000 tons of donated supplies.


2016-10-21 19:27:00

President and CEO Carl Ice speaks on leadership development at Kansas State University

BNSF Railway President and CEO Carl Ice spoke at the Kansas State University College of Engineering on March 10, 2015 as part of its Eyestone Distinguished Lecture Series. The speech on leadership development was titled "Building Great Leaders -- Lessons from the Rail Industry."


2016-10-20 19:31:00

Burlington Junction Railway is BNSF's Shortline of the Year

BJRY operates in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri.


2016-10-16 19:28:00

BNSF trains in action

B-roll (no audio) of trains around our 32,500-mile network.


2016-09-08 19:32:00

BNSF partners with Turner neighborhood for community garden

BNSF makes plot of land available in Kansas City neighborhood.


2016-08-24 19:32:00

BNSF uses wide-span electric cranes to load intermodal trains

BNSF intermodal facilities use cranes to load containers on trains.


2016-08-17 19:32:00

BNSF treats Kansas City, Kan. area first responders and families to a train ride

Police, firefighters take ride aboard First Responder Express.


2016-07-26 19:33:00

BNSF's commitment to safety in Washington

Our employees are dedicated to working safely and efficiently.


2016-07-25 19:33:00

BNSF unveils "pocket park" in downtown Topeka, Kansas

Park honors ATSF executive, Topeka cofounder Cyrus K. Holliday.


2016-07-05 19:35:00

BNSF honors Montana first responders

Billings-area first responders and families enjoy train ride.


2016-06-23 19:35:00

Making Connections in the Pacific Northwest: Justin Piper

BNSF employee works tirelessly to ship hazardous material safely.


2016-05-17 19:35:00

BNSF's coal re-spray facility in Pasco, Wash.

Facility enhances well-proven program to control coal dust.


2016-05-04 16:26:00

From farm to table: what it takes to deliver

Getting food to the tables of millions takes a big supply chain.


2016-05-04 16:25:00

Why BNSF employees are dedicated to agriculture

Many BNSF employees grew up in farming communities. 


2016-04-26 19:03:00

Sidings boost network's efficiency

Sidings are a crucial piece of BNSF's rail network.


2016-04-26 19:01:00

Double track boosts capacity of rail network

Double track gives train dispatchers more options. 


2016-04-26 18:59:00

Here's how a rail network is like your circulatory system

What do rail networks and circulatory systems have in common?


2016-03-29 19:04:00

Making Connections in the PNW: Megan McIntyre

Employee protects ral network against mudslides.


2015-10-16 19:06:00

Making Connections in the PNW: Roger Hsieh

Our employees don’t just work in the PNW, they live there too.


2015-09-03 19:08:00

BNSF installs movable-point diamond in Vancouver, Wash.

Amazing time-lapse video of construction of a crossover.


2015-05-15 19:09:00

Juan Carlos Sanchez, signal construction supervisor

Employee says he learns something new every day at BNSF.


2015-05-13 19:15:00

Deep personal connections to agriculture at BNSF Railway

Agriculture matters to BNSF Railway.


2015-05-13 19:14:00

BNSF: We know the farming life, because we're farmers too

Like railroading, agriculture is in our blood at BNSF.


2015-05-13 19:13:00

Once a farmer, always a farmer

At BNSF many of us know the farming life.


2015-05-13 19:12:00

The American farmer and BNSF go back a long way

Historic relationship between BNSF and farmers continues today.


2015-05-13 19:11:00

BNSF: Connecting the Pacific Northwest since 1873

We bring Washington’s products to the world.


2013-10-14 19:18:00

Careers at BNSF: Chris Olivares, Carman

Here's a look at what Chris Olivares does as a carman.


2013-10-14 19:17:00

The American farmer and BNSF Railway

American agriculture and BNSF go back a long way.


2013-09-11 19:19:00

Careers at BNSF: Darnell Reid, Mechanical Foreman

Darnell Reid says the railroad offers many opportunities


2013-05-29 19:22:00

Tie crane

A tie crane in action near Pueblo, Colo.


2013-05-29 19:21:00

Careers at BNSF: Jermel Brown, track laborer

Brown works on a mobile track crew covering 5 states.


2013-05-29 19:20:00

Train's eye view at Cajon Pass

View from locomotive in the Cajon Pass in California.


2013-03-13 10:57:00

Maintaining a Strong and Reliable Network

How is the BNSF rail network like your own circulatory system?


2013-03-08 19:23:00

Tie inserter

A tie inserter at work near Pueblo, Colo.


2013-03-04 11:06:00

Moving Outside the Box

BNSF offers the expertise to make moving your machinery and oversized shipments cost-effective and convenient.


2013-02-28 19:24:00

Careers at BNSF: Gabe Chavez, signal maintainer

Employee keeps grade crossing signals working.


How Centralized Traffic Control makes rail traffic more efficient

CTC allows use of both lines of double track in both directions.


Nipper tamper

Machine compresses ballast and places ties.


2017-12-13 11:47:00

Pacific Northwest-Texas Express Carload Service

Take advantage of the fastest rail service between the Pacific Northwest and Texas.


2017-11-08 15:14:00

Heartland Real Estate Business September 2017

Industrial development in the Kansas City area is booming, and BNSF's Logistics Park Kansas City is a big part of that.


2017-09-06 15:25:00

Site Selection Magazine, September 2017

BNSF’s strategic layers of site options mean more choice, flexibility and efficiency for a growing number
of customers.


2017-02-27 14:07:00

2015 Corporate Sustainability Report

The CSR details BNSF’s continuing focus on safety and sustainability.